Poet Taylor is the Detroit-born, broadcast talent that can be found on a television, radio or website near you. A product of the D.C. & Maryland foster care system, Poet grew up in the District — by way of Detroit — living in Prince George’s County and Northwest D.C. before settling in Baltimore. 

Her start in radio could actually be considered an act of fate, after entering a contest because someone told her she would NOT succeed at it. Poet won the “Wanna Be A QJ?” contest in 2000 and turned a six month internship into a four-year career move at WERQ in Baltimore. 

It was during her time there that Poet expended her resume to include television correspondence, voice-overs, feature writing and winning the “2002 Best New Air Talent” award. In four short years, Poet built a foundation on which she continues to build upon today. 

Poet’s hard work placed her on Edison’s “Best 30 Under 30” in Broadcasting, and most recently in 2012 Poet was named one of Legacy of Palm Beach’s “Black Leader of Today & Tomorrow.” 

She reported live from the red carpet of multiple award shows and movie premiers, as well as hosting The Music Sampler on the WB, corresponding for the Hip Hop Scholars and commentating for WHW ROCKS. She even woke up West Palm Beach as co-host of “Your Morning Show” on WMBX FM. ​From there she segued to Power 104.7.com, where her show garnered listeners from more than 174 countries and kept folks updated on all things pop culture and beyond. If you ask Poet even with all these accomplishments under her belt, she’s still studying for her Master’s in Life.

Currently Poet holds down Segment Producer duties on ABC 7’s “Good Morning Washington”, Entertainment Correspondent duties on WPGC 95.5 FM with CBS Washington, all LIVE & LOCAL from the nation’s capital. She is also the creative mind behind the syndicated #JustCuriousReport, and the voice behind the number one entertainment report in DC the“Last24Ent.” 

Poet has been captivating audiences with her passion and love of community, people and bacon. Since her introduction to the broadcast industry, she’s intoxicated people with her sharp wit, breaking through industry stereotypes and staying true to her goal of being a walking testimony, to people young & old everywhere that anything is possible if you keep God first, keep faith second and believe in yourself! 

Respected by artists, peers and executives alike, Poet is an ever evolving, spiritually grounded young master of her craft. For this up and coming talent, the sky is truly the limit. 

In a world, where everyone wants to be someone or something else; Poet has managed to stay true to herself with every new endeavor and always manages to leave those touched in awe and saying – “Oh Really Poet?”